Full Liability Insurance to give you peace of mind.

Do you really want a stranger in your house? Aspire Loft Conversions Ltd is a friendly and professional company. You can trust us with your home. My business is built on word of mouth recommendation so ‘the customer is king’

After twenty years of converting loft spaces I would like to think I have most of the solutions to your requirments.

My business offers a ‘One Stop Shop’ for loft conversions. You only speak to one person.
No need to worry about all of the different trades required.
I use a small group of experienced and qualified tradesmen with whom I have built good relations over the years.

Aspire Loft Conversions offers the best workmanship at the best price.

Steve Stubbs Aspire Loft Conversions

From leaving school I have worked in the loft conversion business for over twenty years. Starting with one of the North West’s leading companies  I gained my joinery qualifications and have subsequently worked in every aspect of loft conversion. I have a first rate reputation in the building industry, with clients and building control.

In recent years I have become more involved in the project management of loft conversions, an area where I can make the maximum use of my contacts throughout the building industry, to save you precious time and money.

Steve Stubbs of Aspire Loft Conversions.co.uk

Aspire Loft Conversions

One phone call that's all it takes. No fancy sales talk, or prices. Just good old fashioned knowledge and advice acquired over years of practical experience.

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