How much will a loft conversion cost?

What you can expect to pay will depend upon a number of factors. Look at our “Prices Page” to find some guidance.



How do I get started on my loft conversion?

Simple, just call Steve Stubbs on his mobile number (land-line in the evening) and he will arrange a site visit. Steve will give you all of the advice and information you require and then it is up to you. No high pressure selling from a ‘salesperson’ but sound advice from an experienced builder.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes Aspire Loft Conversions trades on its name. All work is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

Will I need insurance?

No, Aspire Loft Conversions carry full liability insurance. This covers your property while we are working on it. To date we have never had to make a claim.

Will I need an Architect?

Yes but all you have to do is speak to Steve Stubbs of Aspire Loft Conversions Ltd. We use a number of preferred architects and we will make all the necessary arrangements.  As well as design an architect will produce drawings that take account of all current building regulations. This means you are presenting an easily understood proposal to the planning department, with all the relevant elevations and environmental impacts. The same document is required by the Building Regulations Department of your local council. They will want to see that your plans conform to all of the latest regulations. They will make regular site visits to ensure that the regulations are complied with. We will advise you on a choice of architects that we have used over the years.

My roof is a multi truss construction, is that a problem?

No Many of our conversions are in multi truss roofs, that is how most roofs are constructed nowadays, it is just a case of making the appropriate structural alterations before cutting the trusses. In some cases it is just as easy and efficient to replace the whole structure; it depends upon the complexity of the job.

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